Treat your life like a business startup – Continuous improvement and development

In these series we’ve been discussing how planning your life looks like a business plan. We’re halfway there, as we have already discussed the business plan itself, as well as building a company image. In this post we will be discussing continuous improvement and development.

  • The business plan
  • Building a company image
  • Continuous improvement and development
  • Generating a profitable income

You may have noticed that most companies keep developing their products and services. A lot of companies are working on new services or products as well. Why is this? It’s basically very simple. You sell your services and products to clients, and they love what they buy from you. But you’re not the only one selling this stuff to the world. Competetion emerges and other companies sell the same stuff you are selling for less.
And that is where improvement and development comes in. You need to improve your product and develop new products to keep your clients.

This is the same for you as a person. As you’re selling yourself to the world, you can’t stay the same forever. What you have is pretty decent, possibly good and if you’re lucky it might even be great. Though on several areas you’re just not good enough. These are the areas you want to improve. Productivity for instance, is something lots of people are struggling with these days. I know I am… Procrastrination is another, linked to that. These are areas that need to be improved.

Continuous improvement of areas that need attention will keep the world interested in you. You’re already good, now start getting great!


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