Treat your life like a business start up – The business plan

In the previous post I shared my thoughts on a few similarities when it comes to your life and a business startup. To make a bit more sense of this, I’m breaking it down a bit further and putting it in the right order for you.

  • The business plan
  • Building a company image
  • Continuous improvement and development
  • Generating a profitable income

The business plan

Obviously, every startup starts out with a business plan. What is the goal of the company, why does the company do what it does, and how will it go from start to finish?

If you don’t know where you’re going, you’re already there.

These are questions that don’t just apply to a business, but they apply to a person as well.

  • What is it that you want?
  • Why do you do what you do?
  • How do you plan on leveling up in your life?

What is it that you want?

Of course there are people who know exactly what they want, and seem to have everything working for them. This can make it seem like they have everything in order and they know how to crush every single goal they set.

For others it’s very hard to find out what they want. This, unfortunately, is the category if people I fit in. I have been struggling with my purpose for years and years, and the curtain in front of my wants is getting lifted very, very slowly. Once in a while I take a personality test, or I listen to a podcast, or read an interesting blog article, that sheds a certain light on a variety of topics which suddenly lifts the curtain a bit higher. This makes me slowly more aware of who I am and what I want in life.

If you fit into the same category as I do (which is likely, otherwise you would have stopped reading long ago), my advise is to listen to podcasts on subjects that inspire you. Read blogs that inspire you. Read a lot of books on self improvement and skill development.

Why do you do what you do?

This can be a particularly hard question, as some things have turned into habits. If you ask yourself why for 5 times, you will find out why you do what you do. For instance, purely hypothetical obviously: Why do I always ride my bike to work? Because I feel like driving a car is too expensive. Why is driving a car too expensive? Because my paycheck doesn’t allow for the expenses of a car. Why doesn’t my paycheck allow for a car? And so on…
This way you can figure out why you do virtually anything you do.

How do you plan on leveling up in your life?

And this is where it all falls together. Why do you what you do and what it is that you want comes together in your business plan. Your action plan for the upcoming day, week, month, half a year, a year, 5 years… This could go on for as long as you want it to go on. My only advice to you is this. Make your goals SMART. Creating SMART goals helps you keep on track and helps you with every step you need to take in the future or right now, to get you to the point you want to be.

What does SMART stand for?

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time bound


All the above thougts can help you setup the business plan for your life. First figure out why you do what you do right now. With this knowledge in mind it can be easier to figure out what it is that you want. When you have this specific knowledge, you can start creating the life you want, and create a plan on how to get where you want to go.

Reading list

To get to your own personal business plan I encourage you to read the following books. They have helped me a lot and I profoundly hope they will help you as well!

  • Start with why by Simon Sinek – This is a very interesting read on how to find your personal Why and how to use it to make the best of yourself.
  • Getting things done by David Allen – This book promotes a best practice for being productive, as well as explaining the SMART goal setting.
  • Living forward by Michael Hyatt – This book is basically a textbook and a workbook in one. Please note that writing your business plan may take a few days off work. I took the two days off and it helped me so, so much, I can only recommend doing it too.

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