Parler d’Expresso 2017 top 3!

2017 Was an amazing year. We had loads of experiences, we witnessed amazing things. Below I’m sharing with you, the most viewed posts of 2017. I hope you enjoyed them as much as the other viewers did.

  1. E-bike inspiration trilogy 2/3: This was the second post of a trilogy, loaded with awesome e-bike pictures. During this journey of, let’s say, discovery, I shared some of the most amazing e-bikes with you. I discovered that there are so many more types of e-bikes than I originally thought. Currently, I ride an e-bike to work. It’s more comfortable than a road bike or hybrid for instance, but it allows for some pretty good speed. I love it and hope to be riding it for some years!
  2. To the women who don’t want sex: As a response to Lipstick and Vodka, I wrote this post to share my view on sex within a relationship. It didn’t conflict with L&V, but more or less added a little bit more perspective from the man’s side of the relationship. Read on for more, and don’t forget to read the original letter from Karla at L&V.
  3. The smell of wildlife: During a walk in the woods, I discovered another side of nature. It wasn’t a pretty sight, not to mention the smell. Not for the emotional readers.

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