Commuting by bike and why you should too

Bike commuting is quite common in the region Parler d’Expresso is located. There are actually more bikes in this country than there are people. Many people here have more than one bike. Me, for instance, I have a road bike, a regular ‘Dutch’ bike and a road hybrid. In the near future this will change, but that’s a whole different story that I will save for another time.

There are several reasons to own more than one bike, but that’s neither something I will be discussing today. What I will be discussing is why on earth someone would ride their bike to work each day. And I’m not talking about a one or two mile commute, I’m talking about distances like over 30 miles round trip.

Physical health

Health is always a good reason to start cycling to work. Instead of going to the gym tonight you could also hop on your bike and ride into work. It does help if your company has a shower, but using wet wipes isn’t an uncommonly used product among bike commuters either.  You will have had your physical workout before you come home from work tonight and you will have more time for your wife (or girlfriend) and your kids.

Mental health

Besides physical health, cycling is pretty good for your mental health as well. Everything you encounter each day takes some time to be processed. Instead of hopping in your car and get annoyed by other car drivers, you could hop on the bike and zip through traffic like you never did before. You will have time to process unsolved situations and everything you’ve encountered today and you won’t need to harass your wife about work issues anymore 😉

Environmentally friendly

Think about the amount of toxic gas you’re pouring into the air each day while driving your car to work. You’re borrowing this planet from coming generations and it’s up to you to show the next generations that you care about this planet. Take your bike, ride it to work. Save gas. Save the environment, the planet and maybe even your grandchildren.

Money saving

One of the larger reasons I started cycling to work is that it saves a serious amount of money. This obviously is related to how much your employer covers, but it can go into several thousands of dollars each year. Now imagine using that money for something more fun, like vacation…



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