Why I bullet journal – BuJo

I have always had the need to write down everything in list. And when I say everything, I mean literally anything! Making lists has been my OCD thing ever since I was young. When in the past years I noticed I was actually pretty much forgetting anything, I tried to figure out what was the actual reason behind that. So I started researching what my problem was.

It turns out I have ADD. I can’t keep my focus to one thing for a very long time, if I can even focus at all! So when something pops in my mind, I need to get it down on my paper list immediately. Otherwise I will start working on whatever comes into mind at a certain moment and forget what I was doing.

Writing down something imprints it in the brain, without having to think about it anymore. It’s pretty awesome how that grey goo in your head works like that. Just write something down and you can put if off your mind. Though it’s still in there for future reference and actually stored in an area where you can access it quicker than having to actually think about it.

It’s really easy to see what your day looks like at a glance. The various symbols show whether you have appointments, tasks or notes for a certain day. I have seen several spreads that are a bit more difficult to interpret, though I stick to the basic design as introduced by Ryder Caroll. I have tried several different spreads as well, but I am sticking to an A5 format notebook for now. I use 4 pages per week which is plenty for everything I need to be doing.

Writing is fun! You can type everything into any digital tool you like, but it will never come close to the charm of writing. Writing with a fineliner, a ballpoint, a pencil or even a fountain pen… each of the tools has its own look and feel, as a product as well as the mark it makes on your paper. Not to forget that there are so many different kinds of paper as well. Weights, colors, ruled, dotted… You can go with any combination you want and have a perfect list. Every. Single. Time.

Obviously not a single method is perfect for everyone. I prefer writing with fineliners on ruled paper. Someone else will prefer using a fountain pen on dot grid. Though you might actually prefer using Asana or Evernote on your computer. It’s all up to you.

Keep on listing!



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