The journey to style – part 1

Over the past few weeks, maybe about a month I have been seriously rethinking my style. At this moment there is nothing that specifically that defines my uniform. Of course that does not have to be a problem. Though, when people start asking if you didn't have enough sleep as you look a bit sloppy,... Continue Reading →

Commuting by bike and why you should too

Bike commuting is quite common in the region Parler d'Expresso is located. There are actually more bikes in this country than there are people. Many people here have more than one bike. Me, for instance, I have a road bike, a regular 'Dutch' bike and a road hybrid. In the near future this will change, but... Continue Reading →

What to wear – The job interview

So you have quit your job and are looking for a new one. You applied for several jobs and you are invited for a job interview. You have all the right words for the interview, but... what are you going to wear? Obviously, walking into an accountancy firm office wearing sneakers, jeans and a t-shirt... Continue Reading →

Why I bullet journal – BuJo

I have always had the need to write down everything in list. And when I say everything, I mean literally anything! Making lists has been my OCD thing ever since I was young. When in the past years I noticed I was actually pretty much forgetting anything, I tried to figure out what was the... Continue Reading →

Excuse my French

Excuse my French, but welcome to Parler d'expresso. Here at Pd'E we discuss mens lifestyle over a cup of strong coffee. This means that none of our posts will take longer than for you to finish your Espresso. We cover a wide range of lifestyle related topics, so there will be most likely be an interesting discussion... Continue Reading →

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