2018 Goal #3 – Stop procrastinating

Over the past year I've noticed that I can become a bit lazy. Especially when I have too much time on my hands. I start winging it.  I just browse the web for a bit, discuss any topic with anyone, just to not have to work right now. I've noticed that it's been taking its... Continue Reading →


Parler d’Expresso 2017 top 3!

2017 Was an amazing year. We had loads of experiences, we witnessed amazing things. Below I'm sharing with you, the most viewed posts of 2017. I hope you enjoyed them as much as the other viewers did. E-bike inspiration trilogy 2/3: This was the second post of a trilogy, loaded with awesome e-bike pictures. During... Continue Reading →

2018 Goal #1 – Declutter

I've been a messy guy for nearly all of my life. I love decluttering, but I never actually get to keep my life decluttered for a long time. Basically, I leave my stuff everywhere and never put it back where it belongs. Why do I want to declutter my life? I want my life decluttered,... Continue Reading →

New years resolutions & goals

As said in my new year post, I've made some resolutions that needed to be transformed into goals. My theme for this year is Mental and Physical Health. As this is a very broad subject, I've narrowed this down  to some more specific subjects. Mental Health Declutter Wardrobe minimalism Stop procrastinating Create a healthy sleeping pattern... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year!

Happy 2018 everyone! I hope you're all as psyched about the new year as I am. I have thought the past year over a lot, during the past week, and I have set some serious goals for the upcoming year. I think this year is going to be an awesome journey, even though it's still... Continue Reading →

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