Weekly check in – Wait, is that weight GAIN!?

A couple of days didn't go so well over the past week. I did eat some carbs, but not excessive. I've been eating protein and fats like crazy, but did lack eating greens. Fruit wasn't a problem though. I've upped my protein intake from 2 eggs a day to 4 eggs a day. I usually... Continue Reading →


Weekly check in – Trouble staying on track

Over the past two weeks I've been having a real hard time staying on track. I started out great, but am slowly falling off the wagon and trying to get back on. It's hard on me, that's for sure, and I'm really sorry for that. No, I'm not talking about my workout schedule. I've been... Continue Reading →

Lurking excuses

Over the past week I have been expanding my workout program. Basically, I only have one real resting day left and that's Sunday. Though the amount of activity isn't a real problem at this moment, it got hard for me to stick to the program. And that's only the first week... First I'll burden you... Continue Reading →

2018 Goal updates

Declutter I haven't started decluttering yet, as I haven't found time for it yet. More coming up later. Wardrobe minimalism Winter isn't the best time to start minimizing my wardrobe, so I have found out. If anything, I have even bought some more items to add to the staple. Though, I have bought a running... Continue Reading →

Ketogenic diet

For weeks I have been searching for more information about the ketosis, or ketogenic diet. Basically, this is a diet where you cancel out as many (preferrably all) carbohydrates, and replace them by fats and proteins. Even though replacing carbs by fats and proteins can feel like it's going against certain principles in dieting, there... Continue Reading →

Content shift on the blog

When I started this blog, the idea was to help out others by sharing my ideas and beliefs on several subjects. During my first months that was just what I did. Sharing my ideas and beliefs on subjects like mens lifestyle, productivity, beards, bike commuting and e-bikes. Though over the past one and a half... Continue Reading →

Running, week 2

Over the past week I haven't been running. It's been horribly cold for the past days, but that wasn't the reason. I don't mind a bit of cold. It's been dry and the sun has been shining a lot. Though, when I started running I was using shoes without a good inner sole. This resulted... Continue Reading →

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