The smell of wildlife

As some of you may know, I live in a beautiful part of the country. Our house is right next to the woods, on only a one hundred meter walk. It is absolutely amazing to live here. Though, there are times that I am feeling less fortunate. One of the less fortunate times is when... Continue Reading →


New series: Tech company offices

If I had not gone into the Information Technology sector, chances are that I would have become a corporate building interior designer. That's something pretty different, I know. But it is one of my interests, maybe even an unexplored passion. Right now I started working at a company that already has a great interior to... Continue Reading →

Blog statistics – September 2017

Over the past month¬†Parler d'Expresso suffered a small explosion when compared to the previous months. I have done quite some promotion on Facebook over the past month, and I see it's been helping a lot. I think I'm pretty sure I won't be stopping the promotion any time soon ūüôā Views: 189 Visitors: 109 Likes:... Continue Reading →

To The Women Who Don’t Want Sex…

So, Karla over at Lipstick and Vodka posted an article titled¬†To the Men Who Only Want Sex.¬†Obviously, a title like that attracts a certain kind of attention, especially from men. Now I wouldn't be normal if my eye hadn't been drawn towards her article. First of all, let me say that it is probably smart... Continue Reading →

Blog adjustments

Over the past days I have made some minor adjustments to the blog. Jackie mentioned she had to reply to a blog post to reach out to me, as I didn't have a contact page yet. A contact page has now been added. Thank you, Jackie! Also, through Facebook I received notice that commenting on... Continue Reading →

My 5 reasons to grow a beard

There is a vast amount of reasons to grow a beard, though they are different for nearly everyone. Since I am not an expert on everyones reasons for growing, I will just tell you my own personal reasons below. Better for my skin. When shaving every other day my skin gets a bit irritated. And... Continue Reading →

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